Memorial Evening 2012

5772/2012 Memorial Evening 
marking the 17th Yahrzeit of Etta Ehrman Kossowsky z.l.


'The stormiest night of the year'! The weather was the top item on every newscast. But, as always, this did not deter the audience of family, friends and others who came to join us. The hall was full. It was a rewarding evening of learning in the name of Etta bat moreinu haRav Zvi Ehrman, with a wide range of interesting and original presentations. 


Introduction by Esther Ehrman

Etta's mother, Esther Ehrman. welcomed everyone. Learning that is l'illui the soul of a person, she said, meant engaging in learning that has special, additional value.


Michi Kossowsky

Michi Kossowsky spoke about the relation between the 'luchot' and 'Torah she be al pe'. Basing himself on the Beit HaLevy and Midrash, Michi suggested that the first set of tablets held the entire Oral Law. When the tablets were shattered, G-d wrote the whole on the brain of Moshe. We, likewise, need to inscribe it on on our brains and become 'the living Torah'.


Adina Sternberg

Our guest speaker, Adina Sternberg, took as her title 'The Akeda, its message to Avraham and to future generations'. Adina took us through the text that describes the occasions when Avrahram built altars and calls on the name of G-d. In each case the account has no mention of a sacrifice. Perhaps Avraham thought that the non material Divinity did not require material sacrifices. Avraham – and future generations – needed to understand that there is a great deal more involved in the worship of G-d.


Eli Ehrman

Etta's brother, Eli Ehrman, spoke about our elusive soul. The soul can 'feel', be aware of, the activities of the brain - thought, feelings, almost as a spectator. Since the soul is not the brain, maybe it does not die when the brain dies.

As always, there was a little time after the learning for everyone to chat and greet friends brought together by their memories of Etta z.l.